WEST CHICAGO, Ill. – To help manufacturers reinvest in the local workforce and build a greener economy, state Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, supported legislation to provide tax incentives for auto producers and manufacturers in the electric vehicles industry. 

“The popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise, and this gives Illinois auto makers the opportunity to bring more jobs to our communities while investing in sustainable energy,” Hirschauer said. “This legislation will reward manufacturers who choose to do business in Illinois and create jobs for our local communities.”

Hirschauer is a sponsor of the Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illinois (REV Illinois), creating tax credits for manufacturers who add or create new jobs in Illinois.  The tax credits can be used for various operating costs like job training and construction costs. This legislation passed both the house and senate during October’s veto session and has been sent to the governor. 

 “As we continue to recover from the pandemic, it is essential to give our local business owners and manufacturers the opportunity to get back on track and reinvest in the economy,” Hirschauer said. “With initiatives like REV Illinois, our state can reward our local manufacturers and attract new businesses and opportunities for employment.”

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The time for small steps has passed.

This picture – our 6 year old Teddy soaking in a beautiful Illinois sunset – is one image I held in the forefront of my mind when I voted yes on SB2408 last night. The time for small steps has passed. Scientists have rung the alarm for our planet, for the future of our children and grandchildren, stating that we are on a code red for humanity. Our planet is burning, and increasingly severe weather is hurting our communities and agriculture.

Late last night my colleagues and I answered the call, passing SB2408, a nation-leading climate and equitable jobs bill. We made the critical decision to save our planet while being financially responsible. We set Illinois on a path to a greener future by delivering 100% carbon free power by 2045 while creating new jobs that are rooted in equity.

Thank you to Representatives Evans, Gabel, Hoffman, and Williams for the hours of negotiations, advocacy and work put into this bill. And thank you to Speaker Welch for prioritizing and standing strong for this critical work. Together we took the first critical step towards a sustainable, healthy planet for children across Illinois.


Our planet is burning, and increasingly severe weather is hurting our communities and agriculture.



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