To the People of Kane County:

Gun violence is a uniquely American public health epidemic; while we know the remedies, public officials like Sheriff Ron Hain refuse to prescribe them. We are fighting every day for those remedies, so on one point we agree with what the Sheriff said in this Daily Herald headline: we are also embarrassed that Sheriff Hain has a “D” by his name.

The Protect Illinois Communities Act is not about politics, it is common sense public safety policy that will keep weapons of war out of neighborhoods and homes. It was publicly discussed at three subject matter hearings in December of 2022. If the Sheriff had cared to pay attention or check his facts he would have seen that several representatives from law enforcement spoke on the record in support of the bill at a hearing on December 20, 2022. But, much to the detriment of the people of Kane County, Sheriff Hain doesn’t care about facts, he prefers to spread misinformation and stoke the flames of controversy.

Families in our community have been loud and clear — enough is enough. There is nothing political about dropping your child off at school and fearing you may never see them again. No Kane county resident should feel unsafe celebrating at a parade, shopping at their local grocery store, or gathering in a park. Legislators in Illinois heeded the calls of our constituents and joined eight other states in banning the sale and possession of assault style weapons. We took action and we stand by our commitment to common sense gun safety. 

Gun violence is a complex and multifaceted public health crisis and each piece of the puzzle deserves attention — from sustained investment in community violence intervention programs and, yes, mental health support, to job creation and addressing inequalities in our public schools. But for us to continue to pretend that the mass proliferation of guns isn’t the number one factor contributing to gun violence is to deny both basic common sense and empirical research in a way that is either embarrassingly naive or maliciously disingenuous. We do need a more comprehensive approach to mental health treatment, we need to expand access to opportunity, and we need to bridge political and cultural divides – but no serious approach to gun violence can ignore the ease of access to weapons of war.  

Again, we ask Sheriff Hain to step back from public disputes and commit to working together on public safety policies that will benefit the people of Kane County. Our doors are always open for collaboration and he knows where to find us.


Senator Cristina Castro – 22nd District
Senator Karina Villa – 25th District
Representative Barbara Hernandez – 50th District
Representative Maura Hirschauer – 49th District
Representative Anna Moeller – 43rd District

To the People of Kane County:

We are four Illinois State Representatives that represent many of you and your families in Kane County. Like you and so many others who have contacted us in recent days, we are disappointed by the recent statement from the Kane County Sheriff that misrepresents the Protect Illinois Communities Act. We are additionally alarmed by statements from sheriffs across the state that call into question the constitutionality of the law. Sheriff offices have no authority to determine the constitutionality of a law–that is up to the courts. Nor can they pick and choose which laws to enforce; they must enforce them all.

This bipartisan law is the product of hundreds of hours of negotiations and advocacy from across our shared community, including with the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs, and the Illinois Association of Sheriffs. Law enforcement was given a seat at the negotiating table and several of their changes were incorporated into the final bill.

Many of us have been working on gun violence prevention policy for years, and we recognize that gun violence is a complex and multifaceted public health crisis and each piece of the puzzle deserves attention. We agree with the Kane Sheriff that expanding funding and access to mental health services is an important component of gun violence prevention. That is why we have invested over $500 million in community based violence interruption programs, including diversion programs and youth employment opportunities. We have expanded tele-health for mental health providers, and designated that 20% of the revenue from cannabis sales go directly toward statewide mental health funding.

We also agree with Sheriff Hain that another key factor in preventing gun violence is assuring that law enforcement has the tools and technology they need to solve crimes – which is why we supported over $200 million in new funding for law enforcement. In fact, this Act provides further protection to our law enforcement as assault rifles, extended magazines, and rapid-fire modifications put law enforcement at particular risk. A statewide ban of assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and switches protects and supports our police.

We are concerned that the sheriff’s statement will create confusion as we work to implement the law over the coming months. Despite what the sheriff would like you to believe this Act puts forth negotiated provisions to protect law abiding gun owners: it is not a gun grab. The law does not require the seizure of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Nor does it dictate that the sheriff’s department go door to door checking FOID cards and gun cabinets.

Instead, the Act gives law-abiding gun owners over 300 days to apply for an endorsement on their FOID cards that will ensure that they lawfully keep any assault-style weapons that were lawfully purchased and possessed prior to January 11, 2023.

Illinoisans have experienced too much gun violence, with impacts that go beyond the devastating loss of life or physical injury. Lingering trauma destroys us from within and to force our constituents to endure these effects is negligent and reprehensible. By banning the sale and distribution of assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and switches in Illinois, the Protect Illinois Communities Act makes our schools, parades, grocery stores, places of worship, and workplaces safer from the gun violence that is a threat to our wellbeing everywhere.

We intend to work collaboratively with the Illinois State Police, the Governor’s Office, the Attorney General, the Kane County Sheriff, and local law enforcement to ensure that this life-saving law is successfully implemented. We invite Sheriff Hain to contact us directly with his concerns and questions as we move forward cooperatively, in the interest of community safety.

Rep. Barbara Hernandez, 50th District
Rep. Maura Hirschauer, 49th District
Rep. Anna Moeller, 43rd District
Rep. Suzanne Ness, 66th District

To the People of DuPage County:

We are the 16 Illinois State Senators and Representatives that represent the overwhelming majority of you and your families in DuPage County. Like so many concerned individuals who have contacted us in recent days, we are dismayed and angered by the recent pronouncement by the DuPage County Sheriff to unilaterally direct his office to flout and disregard the duly passed and signed Protect Illinois Communities Act. The Sheriff has no authority to determine the constitutionality of a law–that is up to the courts. Nor can he pick and choose which laws to enforce; he must enforce them all.

This bipartisan law was the product of hundreds of hours of negotiations and advocacy from across our shared community and constituents. It will fight the senseless barrage of gun violence that has plagued our state for far too long. By banning the sale and distribution of assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and switches in Illinois, the Act makes our schools, neighborhoods, parades, grocery stores, and workplaces safer from the gun violence that is a threat to our wellbeing everywhere.

The DuPage County Sheriff’s intention to violate his sworn duty to uphold our state’s laws is a dereliction of duty and puts our safety at risk. The Sheriff’s words send a clear message that lawbreakers are welcome here. Should any related tragedy occur within our borders, not only will he bear responsibility for the resulting and everlasting scars upon our community, but he also will put our livelihoods and property tax dollars at risk, as his declaration now opens us up to financial liability.

Please know that even if the DuPage County Sheriff will not do his job to protect you, we as your Illinois Senators and Representatives are already doing so with the full weight of our offices. We are working closely with the Illinois State Police, the Governor’s Office, the Attorney General, and additional levels of state and local government and law enforcement to ensure that we will fill the void left when the sheriff abandoned his duty to protect our community. We will never abandon the constituents that we have sworn to serve, not only in DuPage County, but for the whole state.


Senator Laura Ellman, 21st District
Senator Laura Murphy, 28th District
Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton, 23rd District
Senator Rachel Ventura, 43rd District
Senator Karina Villa, 25th District
Rep. Dagmara Avelar, 85th District
Rep. Diane Blair-Sherlock, 46th District
Rep. Terra Costa Howard, 42nd District

Rep. Barbara Hernandez, 50th District
Rep. Norma Hernandez, 77th District
Rep. Maura Hirschauer, 49th District
Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, 84th District
Rep. Jenn Ladisch Douglass, 45th District
Rep. Michelle Mussman, 56th District
Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, 81st District
Rep. Janet Yang Rohr, 41st District

from WGEM

Maura was recently interviewed on HB5855, which includes an assault weapons ban similar to her bill introduced earlier this year. It includes some changes as well as other provisions to help keep communities safer.

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The Protect Illinois Communities Act Is a logical, necessary step to reduce the harm from assault weapons and large capacity magazines. We owe it to all whose lives have been irreversibly touched by gun violence.

Op-Ed By  State Rep. Maura Hirschauer (Click here to read in the Chicago Sun Times)

Before I was a state representative, I was a volunteer and community leader with Moms Demand Action. My work with that organization informs my daily commitment to making sure that no parent drops their children off at school and fears they might not see them alive again, and that no person looks for active shooters in the grocery aisle, church pew or parade route.

When I took office, I promised to honor the lives lost and changed by gun violence with action — the action that drove me to run for office in the first place. It is why I filed HB5522 back in January. After the mass shooting in Highland Park, I recommitted myself to banning assault-style weapons and large capacity magazines.

I am proud to co-sponsor the new gun reform package that will keep Illinois on the path to leading the nation in gun safety. The Protect Illinois Communities Act Is a logical, necessary step to reduce the harm caused by gun violence. Now more than ever, we must see change. We owe it to all whose lives have been irreversibly touched by gun violence.

More than 110 Americans are killed by guns each day, and the wide availability of high-capacity assault weapons extends this danger beyond reason. I respect the right of Illinoisans to bear arms and protect their families, but no one needs to wield a weapon capable of firing 30 bullets in 10 seconds to feel secure in their home. There is no reason for assault weapons, whose sole purpose is to kill efficiently and effectively, to be available in Illinois. Yet these weapons of war have made their way onto our streets and into our schools, grocery stores, workplaces and community celebrations. 

Another sad truth is that young people ages 18 to 20 commit gun homicides at three times the rate of those over 21. Far too often, young people suffering from mental illness are able to access weapons that turn their darkest thoughts into a nightmarish reality. Putting killing machines into their hands is reckless endangerment.

Children and teens are actively targeted in the marketing of firearms, despite the gun industry’s clear knowledge of the risk factors of gun ownership by young people. Guns are not toys or video game controllers. It is irresponsible to treat them as such. We must close the loophole that allows young people to obtain firearms before they understand the gravity and potential consequences of that decision. 

Although Illinois’ current laws continue to be weakened by those in neighboring states that refuse to take action for gun safety, we aren’t helpless to fight back. We can reduce the flow of incoming illegal weapons by empowering the Illinois State Police to work with federal and local officials to trace illegal guns and hold straw purchasers accountable. Giving law enforcement the tools and technology to track illegal crime guns while simultaneously strengthening the laws on our books is essential to keep guns out of the wrong hands. 

The ripple effect of gun violence can be felt all across Illinois, from Chicago to Highland Park to Aurora to East St. Louis. The trauma from gun violence is disproportionately felt by Black Illinoisans, who are 32 times more likely than white Illinoisans to die by gun homicide. Guns are the leading cause of death of Illinois children ages 1-17 years old. Throughout the pandemic, Illinois led the country in gun sales, and today there are more guns in Illinois households than ever before, leaving our children at risk. We cannot ignore the fact that the rise in gun violence is related to easy access to firearms.

Children are being killed and families torn apart while lawmakers allow their hands to be tied by the gun lobby. The outsized influence of the NRA has endangered us all for far too long, and it is high time we stood up to their bullying. If legislators have the courage to stand up to the NRA and ban weapons of war from our streets, we can move closer to making Illinois a state where no one has to live in fear of being gunned down in their community.

This goes far beyond partisan politics. We have a moral obligation to fight for this change. 

We’ve reached a flashpoint, beyond which to do nothing is to be complicit in avoidable and unacceptable tragedy. Enough is enough. We must pass the Protect Illinois Communities Act.

Rep. Hirschauer Named to Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. — State Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, will continue her fight to get weapons of war off our streets as a member of the new House Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group.

“No one should feel unsafe on a trip to the grocery store, sitting in a classroom, attending a parade or simply living their lives. Yet too often, gun violence turns these seemingly-harmless situations deadly, stealing the lives of innocent people,” Hirschauer said. “We must use our anger and grief to take action and make sure mass shootings and everyday gun violence become relics of the past. Gun violence is a public health crisis that we must address.”

In the aftermath of the Fourth of July shooting in Highland Park, Hirschauer and colleagues on the Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group will work with stakeholders and community advocates to propose meaningful legislative solutions to curb gun violence and improve public safety.

Hirschauer’s placement on the Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group is a continuation of her work to promote gun safety and gun control measures. She recently took part in a meeting with White House leaders on state-level action to hold gun manufacturers accountable for their role in mass shootings. She has also sponsored bills to create a firearm registry and ban assault weapons statewide.

“Illinois has the power and momentum to take strong legislative action to prevent gun violence and keep our families and communities safe, and I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues and other stakeholders to craft a shared response to address gun violence and firearm safety,” Hirschauer said. “Gun violence is a complex public safety issue that calls for multifaceted solutions, and I am confident the work of the House Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group will inform and inspire meaningful change for our communities.”

For more information on Hirschauer’s legislative agenda, please visit or contact her office at

Rep. Maura HirschauerRep. Hirschauer Named to Firearm Safety and Reform Working Group

49th District

Springfield Office:
276-S Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-1653

District Office:
946 Neltnor Blvd #108
West Chicago IL 60185

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. — In the wake of the Fourth of July mass shooting in Highland Park,
state Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, and other state lawmakers from Illinois, California,
New York and Delaware met with senior White House officials on efforts to prevent gun
violence and hold gun manufacturers accountable for their role in the gun violence epidemic.

“Gun manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry that consistently puts profits ahead of the
health and safety of our families, communities and children. The fact this industry faces little to
no consequence for their products’ role in the devastating violence done to communities like
Uvalde, Buffalo, and Highland Park is disgusting and fundamentally wrong,” Hirschauer said.
“As we continue to fight for solutions to prevent gun violence, we must hold these powerful
companies accountable for the irreparable harm they’ve caused.”

At the meeting, legislators from all four states discussed the steps New York, California, and
Delaware have taken to hold the gun industry accountable for their part in fueling the current gun
violence epidemic, as well as possible measures and tactics Illinois leaders are considering to
address this issue.

“Gun violence is a complex public health crisis that necessitates multifaceted, shared solutions. I
am extremely grateful to the White House and my contemporaries in New York, California, and
Delaware for their collaboration as we look to solve this disturbing issue,” said Hirschauer.
“Illinois has a long way to go, but we are fortunate to have the power and resources to take
serious action to prevent gun violence and keep our communities safe.”

Hirschauer previously introduced two bills to prevent gun violence. House Bill 3222 would
create Illinois’ first assault weapons registry, which would help law enforcement solve gun
crimes and disarm dangerous individuals. She also introduced House Bill 5522, a complete ban
on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, both of which are often used in mass
shootings. Both bills are currently awaiting consideration by the Illinois General Assembly.


Readout of White House Meeting with State Legislative Leaders on Holding Gun Manufacturers Accountable

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. — State Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, released the following statement in response to the tragic Fourth of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois:

“Yesterday, on a day dedicated to celebrating freedom, a community’s freedom to gather in peace was shattered by gunfire: a uniquely American tragedy on a uniquely American holiday. I stand in solace with the victims and survivors of yesterday’s mass shooting in Highland Park. My heart is with the community that, like so many other communities in this state and country, is reeling from the effects of gun violence.

…above all else, it is about guns.  It is about access to guns, proliferation of guns and adoration of guns. We cannot move forward in peace and security until we address access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

“Gun violence is a complex and multifaceted public health crisis, but make no mistake — above all else, it is about guns.  It is about access to guns, proliferation of guns and adoration of guns. We cannot move forward in peace and security until we address access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines. No family should feel unsafe celebrating at a parade, shopping at their local grocery store, gathering in a park or dropping their children off at school. The state of Illinois has the power and opportunity to take decisive action that will keep our communities safe. We must act. 

“We must honor the victims of this injustice not only with our words, but with our actions. That’s why I will continue fighting to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and create an assault weapons registry. We are not free until we are safe from gun violence.”


Thank you to WIFR reporter Colin Hollingsworth who reached out this week to talk about Representative Hirschauer’s HB2400, signed into law last year, that changed the way Illinois schools conduct lockdown drills. Here is a clip from Wednesday’s livecast and you can see their final posted article at their website.

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Updates from Representative Hirschauer

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Notes from Maura

Hello friends!

April is National Volunteer Month and I would like to give a special shout-out to all you amazing volunteers out there! Whether you help out at your local food bank, hang with the animals at a nearby shelter, or volunteer at your kiddo’s school, you make our community a better place by sharing your time and your talents with others. We all rise when we help others. Thank you for making our community great!

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Join our office on Fridays and Saturdays as we help with weekly food distribution at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in West Chicago. Many families in our community are feeling the effects of inflation and unsure of where to find their next meal. Pastor Josh’s weekly food distribution provides resources for those who need it the most. Volunteers are needed to help pack and distribute food boxes. Call or email our office for details.

Legislative Update

The first week of April was a busy one in Springfield as my colleagues and I worked hard to meet the end of session deadline of April 9. Our number one priority was passing a fiscally and socially responsible budget. I am proud that we came together to create a budget that gives financial relief to the people and families that need it most, while also taking steps to restore the fiscal responsibility of the state. This budget also funds key initiatives around health care equity, community development, and business attraction. 

To combat inflation, our budget includes a one time infusion of more than $1.8 billion dollars in aid for people and families. Here are some key elements: 

  • We are suspending the grocery tax for a year, saving consumers $400 million
  • We are freezing the gas tax for 6 months-saving consumers $70 million
  • We are doubling the property tax rebate to save up to $300 per household
  • We are increasing and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to cover more people, including immigrants. 
  • To assist working-class parents as they manage the pressures of inflation, we are giving EIC tax filers additional one-time direct checks for $50 per adult filer and $100 for each of their children.
  • We are doubling the teacher tax credit for purchasing classroom materials and creating a back-to-school tax holiday for all consumers.
In addition to supporting Illinois families we have made strides to be responsible stewards of our state finances. The fiscally-responsible steps we are taking will continue to raise Illinois’ credit rating and improve our financial forecast. These steps will also save on future interest payments that otherwise would continue to eat into our budget. We will be able to spend that extra money on essential services for the people of Illinois.
  • $9.6B will go to fully funding our pension obligations for fiscal year 2023. Countless Illinoisans worked for years to earn their pensions, and we must honor the commitment we made to them. 
  • We are paying down $4B in unpaid bills which includes:
    • All COVID-19-related borrowing
    • $900M in delayed health insurance bills
    • $500M in pension stabilization
    • Late payment interest
  • We’re infusing $1B into the once-depleted Rainy Day Fund
After the budget signing, my social media highlighted different areas of the budget in more detail. You can find these on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds.

I am proud to announce that the Fox Valley Park District was awarded a much needed appropriation for exciting new improvements to Lippold Park. As part of their comprehensive plan to expand outdoor education programming and multi-use space at Lippold Park the FVPD will be constructing a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Fox River to connect East to West. This project will increase access to Red Oak Nature Center and will open up the trail for even more folks to use. We are so excited about this project and I am happy to have helped advocate for this much needed capital appropriation.

In addition to the budget, in the last days of session we passed important public safety legislation.
  • HB4383 Senate Amendment 2 – Ghost Gun Ban (Hirschauer Chief-Cosponsor) – with the passage of this bill Illinois became the 12th state to ban unserialized firearms, including those that can be 3D printed or made from kits. As an advocate of common sense gun violence prevention, I am very proud of this bill. The rise in ghost guns is the fastest growing gun safety problem facing our state. Requiring serial numbers for ghost guns will help law enforcement solve crimes. Furthermore, prohibiting the purchase, sale, and manufacturing of ghost guns is a critical component to common-sense gun safety legislation.
  • Other public safety initiatives in this budget total nearly half a billion, with new dollars going toward youth intervention programs, witness protection, and police recruitment. More than $70 million has been allocated for domestic violence prevention, as well as $2 million for expanding trauma recovery centers.
Despite the shortened session, we were very busy in Springfield! For a more in depth update please consider joining me for my “End of Session Town Hall” on Tuesday May 10 at 7pm. Register on my website.
Register to come to the Town Hall on Tuesday, May 10, 7pm on Zoom


Around the District

Rep Hirschauer  had so much fun talking with 4th grade students at Alice Gustafson and 5th graders at J.B. Nelson Elementary Schools in Batavia. The future is BRIGHT with these smart, curious, and thoughtful kiddos at the helm. Thank you having Batavia Public School District 101 for having the Representative!

District Office in Action

Intern Mariah and Rep Maura work to package perishable foods for tomorrow's food drive.You may have seen our recent press release highlighting the additional needs of our local food pantries. The office is in contact with Pastor Josh at St.Andrew’s on a regular basis, is hosting a food drive this month along with Senator Villa’s office, and securing additional donations from some of our local companies and organizations. Today we helped with the preparations for tomorrow’s food pick up and are looking forward to next week’s Whole Family Health Fair at that same location!
If you hear a knock at your door, it may be our office out connecting with constituents and getting the word out about our services and events. After her time in Springfield, Maura is enjoying these opportunities to get out into the district to meet up with constituents one-on-one and hear about their needs and concerns.
District 49 is expanding our staff! If you have a passion for serving the community and are interested in the ways our state office can serve constituents, then this could be an opportunity for you! We are currently accepting local applicants for a Constituent Service and Community Outreach Coordinator, as well as for Fall Interns. Contact the office at 331-465-9661 with questions or submit a cover letter, resume, and references to

Upcoming Events

April 27 – Mobile DMV
with Senator Karina Villa
West Chicago Public Library
118 W Washington St, West Chicago
Whole Family Health Fair
Food Distribution and Health Resources
Saturday Apr 30, 8am-12pm
St. Andrew Church
155 N Prince Crossing Rd, West Chicago
Spring Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday May 10, 7pm-8pm
Registration Required
Veterans’ Breakfast
Saturday June 4, 9am-11am
VFW West Chicago
431 N Neltnor Blvd, West Chicago

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Illinois BioDiversity Field Trip Grant January 31, 2023
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Upcoming: IDOA Local Food Purchase Assistance Program (LFPA)


Aspiring Black CPA Scholarship May 1


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