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February marks Black History month and I want to start off by recognizing  the accomplishments of our first ever Black Speaker of the House, Emanuel “Chris” Welch. I was honored to usher in a new day in Springfield with my vote for Speaker Welch in January of 2021 and I am proud to serve under his leadership. Speaker Welch has fostered a culture of teamwork and equity as we work to pass critical legislation that will help Illinoisans thrive. I look forward to working with the Speaker to create an Illinois that works for us all.   


Around the District

Representative Hirschauer Tours Hanover Township  February 4, 2022

I visited Hanover Township and learned about the various services it offers to our constituents. Aging Services, Community Health, and Youth and Family services name just a few. Hanover Township has friendly staff and volunteers ready to assist. Thank you for the wonderful tour of Hanover Township, Supervisor McGuire and staff! 

Click here to access Hanover Township full list of services. You can also contact our office at 331-465-9661 and we will connect you to the services. 

Speaking to Professor Phelps’s Social Policy Classes February 4, 2022
I had the honor to speak to a group of bright talented social work students at Aurora University.  We had a terrific discussion about the power of mentorship, the importance of finding and using your voice to enact change, and the impact of listening and leading with empathy. Our future is brighter because of them. 
Thank you to Dr. Don Phelps for inviting me to speak and for his work in educating and mentoring social workers in Illinois.

In Springfield

February is a busy month in Springfield as my colleagues and I work hard to move our bills through committees. Since my election I have spent many hours listening to the needs of our constituents and learning from them and these conversations guide the legislation I draft. This week I introduced HB5193, a bill to ensure that safe gun storage information is included in our public schools’ handbooks to aid in the reduction of gun violence. Mental health crises are on the rise in our school aged population and it is important to understand the dangerous intersection of access to unsecured guns and mental health. Addressing the role of firearms is essential in suicide prevention, and our schools play a valuable role in sharing that information with families. Promoting positive messages about keeping children and communities safe through safe gun storage is a key strategy to reducing unintentional gun injuries and death, death by homicide, and suicide. Learn more about safe gun storage here.

I also passed SB1711 through the Revenue Committee. SB1711 made key changes to improve the Historic Tax Credit Act and will serve to preserve our historic buildings and revitalize communities and spur economic growth.

I am here to listen to the needs of all constituents. Feel free to reach out to my office at 331-465-9661 for any issues or concerns. I am here to serve.

2021 Legislation

I had a productive first year in the House, sponsoring or having a strong roll in bills that will reduce trauma, support victims, and help the most vulnerable.

  • Gun Violence Prevention
    • School Law Enforcement Drills (HB2400)
    • Fix the FOID (HB1092)
  • Education
  • Survivors of Sexual Violence
    • Sexual Assault Evidence Tracking (HB1739)
    • Civil No Contact Orders- family member (HB1742)
  • Immigration
    • Undocumented Resources (HB3438)

Additionally, I am proud to have been a part of the 102nd General Assembly that

District Office in Action

On Fridays, the District Office staff is getting into the community. Recently they were at St. Andrew Church in West Chicago helping prepare for their Saturday community food distribution. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, St. Andrew Church is able to feed over 400 families. If you are interested in volunteering opportunities contact us at 331-465-9661. You can also reach out to St. Andrew Church directly at 630-231-3787.

Upcoming Events

April 27 – Mobile DMV – Senator Villa
West Chicago Public Library, 118 W Washington St, West Chicago

Whole Family Health Fair
Food Distribution and Health Resources
Saturday Apr 30, 8am-12pm
St. Andrew Church
155 N Prince Crossing Rd, West Chicago

Veterans’ Breakfast
Saturday June 4, 9am-11am
VFW West Chicago
431 N Neltnor Blvd, West Chicago


Budget proposal is fiscally and socially responsible

Today, the Governor outlined a fiscally and socially responsible budget proposal that demonstrates that Illinois is on the strongest financial footing we’ve had in decades. We can use this surplus to invest in the people and communities who need help the most, be great stewards of our debt, and set the stage for future growth. 

After almost two years of struggling through a global pandemic, working families are in desperate need of support. I appreciate that the governor’s proposal includes using much of this surplus to provide direct tax relief to families and their everyday needs. Illinoisans are feeling the pain of inflation while still recovering from the financial hit of the pandemic. The Governor’s proposal for a 1-year moratorium on state grocery taxes and a 1-year freeze on the gas tax will give families assistance in these unprecedented times.

Throughout the pandemic our students and teachers have suffered through interrupted learning; and working families have struggled to find and maintain affordable childcare. I am glad to see Governor Pritzker is calling for half a billion dollars to fund preK-12 schools, which includes $150 million for early childhood education. Prioritizing state dollars to support our talented students, teachers, administrators, and support staff is critical to growing a strong and bright future.

However, to truly make a difference in the lives of Illinois families, we cannot ignore the importance of early intervention services and affordable day care. Throughout the pandemic our littlest and most vulnerable learners have received interrupted early intervention care. Disparities in development and kindergarten readiness, already wide, are growing deeper and more stark with underfunding of critical programs. Child care providers, early childhood educators, and caregivers need well-funded support to grow programs to meet the needs of Illinois families. I urge the Governor to expand the 10% increase for early education to include Early Intervention (EI) services and the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

Governor Prizker presented us with a budget that puts the needs of Illinoisans first. His proposal marks an optimistic start to our budgeting process and I look forward to digging into the details to ensure that folks in the 49th District have the support they need to thrive.

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After almost two years of struggling through a global pandemic, working families are in desperate need of support. I appreciate that the governor’s proposal includes using much of this surplus to provide direct tax relief to families and their everyday needs.



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